The endlessness of space-time meditation.

Frequently asked questions: the nuts and bolts of Cosmos.

  • What is Cosmos Philosophy?
    Cosmos Philosophy is a philosophy of the cosmos. For example. See the cosmos in a grain of sand on an endless stretch of beach. One grain of sand, that's one part of cosmos!
  • What is The Structure?    
    The Structure is the structure of free will and chaos in the philosophy. Its not a religous view, just a philosophy. 
  • What is the Flow of Cosmos?
    The Flow of Cosmos is a scientific property of energy non visible and non measurable yet in science that orders free will and chaos. 
  • Is there magic? Or power? Or intuition?     
    The Cosmos Philosophy is based on science, history and existential intuition.
  • What is the Bridge of Possibility? 
    The Bridge of Possibility is like a map of the Cosmos. Read it in parts or get lost in it.One can see bridges in time through intuitive dreams.Future Interpretations are in a high statistical possibility of future, no more, no less. 

Cosmos Philosophy

Read the Philosophy here!

Philosophy and Stories.

The Kt'arnah Chronicles

All the K'tarnan tales for one low price.Get it now.

The Tale of Rayleh Oonsah

Rayleh Oonsah changed planet Vulcan in ten years what 3,000 years of logic did for her people.

The Saavik

The Saavik will save you.Pomm Fahrrin.Kohlinranah. 

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