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See the cosmos in a grain of sand on an endless stretch of beach. One grain of sand, that's endless cosmos.

Science Fiction

The K'tarnans are based on Vulcan planet logical way, but now resemble more of a human manner as they emote safely, sometimes leaning on logic at times. They still practice logic in the Vulcan capital and county. These are the Chronicles K'tarnah.

Ktarnah Planet

The K'tarnah planetary system consists of Vulcan. Romulus, Rema, and Lycos moon. The new names are K'tarnah. Rama, Rema, and Lycos moon.

The Nexus

The Nexus invite the K'tarnans to live on Earth in a town shared by humans called K'tarnah-on-the Nexus. A possible port in time and space on Earth.